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This company is also well-known for its capability to handle both residential and commercial air con repairing and maintenance requirements.

Moreover, professionals of this company are expert in the repairing and cleaning services of different brands of aircon. So, basically customers need to worry about any problem related to aircon servicing and maintenance.


Airconboy will always be there to challenge any complex technical issues and provide top solutions for the aircon related complications. Airboy understands and values customer's time. The professionals are always ready to provide immediate on-site repair and parts replacement services. They are specialized to tackle any kind of problems. If an air con unit is iced, leaking water or simply not getting cold, experts of Airconboy know what to do to repair the unit without wasting any time and offer assistance to minimize customer's problem. Being a Singapore's premier company, Airconboy is very popular for meeting the all HVAC needs within the specified budget and time. Airconboy not only help the customers to be free from the unnecessary hazards, but also increases customer's faith by attending and replying to customer's need at any point of time.


The expert service of Airconboy comes with reliable contract guarantee. Any aircon unit, which has not received thorough servicing in the last six months, is likely to face problems like icing or extensive damages. It is always advisable to go for the professional services that come with service guarantees.