Solutions - FAQs

This section elaborates the warranty part of the services and the various common technical issues that many customers face most of the times. This segment also explains why air conditioner units should be maintained regularly and the main reasons that are responsible for triggering technical problems.

The Main Aspects that help Airconboy to Make Difference

In addition to offering personal touch to the servicing and maintenance work, this company also provides all the value added services for free. The different value added services provided by the company are: checking if the unit is making any excessive noise, inspecting the fan belts, adjusting the tension as per requirement, checking the electrical components and cleaning the electrical contacts. The additional efforts are made to offer a satisfactory and flawless service to the customers.


What about Service Warranties?

Airconboy provides a 60 days service warranty for all services excluding the yearly maintenance contract. A 365 days warranty is provided for the yearly maintenance contract under specific terms and conditions.

What is the Process of Getting a Permit from HDB for installing air-conditioner?

To get a permit from HDB, a customer needs to submit the floor plan along with the catalogue and application form to HDB. After processing all the documents, HDB will send the permission letter to the customer.

Why an air-conditioner starts to Leak Water?

The condensed water on the inner fan is drained through drainage pipe. If the pipe is blocked, water starts to leak.

How many repairing and maintenance services are required?

Ideally, the residential air-conditioners should be serviced three to four times per year and the commercial air-conditioners should be cleaned every month. However, the frequency of services differs according to the amount of usage.

Do air-conditioners need regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance increases the life span of the machine, reduces the need of repair, minimizes the frequency of water leakage and saves electricity cost.

What should be done to maintain an air-conditioner?

The external surface and the water filter should be cleaned once in every 2 weeks to prevent dust accumulation.

What is the reason if an air-conditioner is making too much noise?

Dirty blower or inner fan coil, loose or defective components may cause the excessive noise.

What could be the reason if an air-conditioner is not blowing any cold air?

Dirty air filter, defective components, blockage of any inner unit etc. could be the reasons behind this problem.

Why an air-conditioner produce bad smell sometimes?

Air conditioner pulls the smells that exist in the atmosphere and releases with the airflow.

If an air-conditioner switches off and on by itself, what is the reason?

A defective electronic circuit board that operates the fan coil unit can cause this problem.

Why a remote control stops working suddenly when it has a full battery?

It is possible that the electronic circuit board or the remote control is defective.

What is the standard air-conditioner temperature that should always be maintained?

An ideal temperature is 25-26 °C. This standard temperature can save lot of electricity cost.

An air-conditioner suddenly switches off and blinking lights appear. Why it happens?

An air-conditioner signals some defects in this way. It is advisable to seek professional assistance in this case.