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Here at Airconboy, we specialize in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems as well as cleaning them. We go out of our way to ensure that you get the best services that match with our status as a premier air conditioning company in Singapore.

We make sure that we are able to cater for all your maintenance needs in good time while at the same time making sure that we are able to do it for you at an affordable cost. It does not matter what problem your aircon has, whether it is not able to get cold or it happens to get iced. We provide repair services on-site for all the different brands of air-cons.

Some of the services that we provide include dealing with issues with fan coils, water leaks, noise that comes from aircon units and regular maintenance. Other aspects that we handle include repairing, replacing parts, icing and aircon tripping.


AirCon Servicing & Repair

We also deal with installation and sales of aircons for commercial clients as well as the ones who are found in residential areas. We have been doing this over the last few years and this is evident in the quality of services that we offer. We ensure that you get timely and professional services according to what our contracts state. The aircons are meant to be serviced every six months and if you have gone past that period without getting it serviced then it may succumb to icing and other damages.


Chemical cleaning services

• Conducting chemical washes for aircons
• Used when regular maintenance does not seem to work
• Dismantling of fan coils when the need arises
• Doing chemical washes for parts
• Flushing out the drainage pipes
• Carrying out the cleaning of blower wheels and fan blades
• Testing the electrical parts
• Giving the system a test run
• Saving on the cost of electricity
• Ensuring it purifies air
• Getting rid of the noise issues
• Dealing with the water leaks
• Making sure the aircon has a longer lifespan


Aircon Replacement

Another area that Airconboy focus on is the replacement of aircons. We can carry out partial replacement of some parts as well as a full system overhaul because we are well equipped with the right tools to carry out these replacements. We do replacement for different types of damage for example water leaking and other problems that the A/C might experience. We make sure that you are able to get back to enjoying the cool air and improved atmosphere that is provided by a fully functioning air con unit.


Yearly Contract

• It serves the same purpose such as the contract you get for general maintenance.
• The difference also comes as a result of the fact that maintenance services are carried out three to four times a year.
• Air filter cleaning
• Cleaning of evaporator coil
• Flushing of the drainage pipe
• Cleaning of the condenser coil
• Lubricating parts of the equipment when need arises
• Testing the system
• Providing better services at an affordable cost thus saving you some money
• Purifying air
• Dealing with issues of water leaking
• Sorting noise issues
• Ensuring your aircon lasts longer
• Check why some parts generate abnormal units
• Carry out routine inspection of fan belts and adjusting the tension accordingly
• Adjusting the electrical controls on the control panels as well as cleaning electrical contacts.

If you are concerned about your leaking air, worry no more. Just get in touch with us. Just pay us a visit and we will either address your issue by either cleaning it or even providing new parts to replace the ones that have been damaged. Among the things we can do for you include:

• Maintaining and replacing of spare parts.
• Contracts for maintenance and servicing of your aircon.
• Installing and sale of aircons for commercial and residential areas.